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Thursday, December 17, 2009 Y

are you really that busy?

Recently, i noticed many people r sayg tt they r busy tts y they cant this n that.

It got me thinking.
Are we really busy or we can make better plans so tt we can accomplish more or we just aint wantg to get ourselves into more 'commitments'?

Well, i know many ppl who are genuinely busy. But they nv fail to appear at the right places at the right time & doing the right things at the right time.
I believe it came w a price & much planng.

Some people disappear once they get attached. Some others aft a promotion @ work. While others, reasons r unknown. All in the name of busy-ness.

it all boils down to one word, priority, isnt it?

If i love u, i wana spend more time w u.
If i wan this project to succeed so badly, i'l put in all e effort to make things happen.
If i wan my family to be closely knitted, i will set aside a family day every week for bonding.
If i wanna build stronger friendships, i wil arrange meet ups, be there for e friend, make sure bdays are celebrated to e best i know how.
If i love to travel, i will ensure tt i save up and plan for trips early.

Wanna know someone's priorities?
Look at where they spend their time. :)

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Little Memories Of The Past

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Y


he was like a father to me.
e one who brought me out on friday nights to kallang macdonalds drive thru for my happy meal n to collect all e snoopy figurines.
back then, friday became my most looked-forward-to day of the week.
e one who spent time playin toys with me.
e one who brought me to his place and cook so much yummies for me.

i wld nv forget this part of my life.
it was short but very memorable.
he filled e longing for parental love in me durin times when both my parents were busy at work.
as i recall, tears roll down my cheeks, uncontrollably.

years aft i grew up n we stopped gg out together so often, e tragedy happened.
he was diagnosed w cancer.
due to e delay in treatment, e cancerous cells spread.

e very last few yrs of his life, he fought.
n he fought real hard.
i saw how much it had tormented him.
but he held on.

even to see his youngest son step into e next phase of his life; marriage.
during e most challenging period of his sickness.

i can stil recall how enthusiastic he was each time i called him to tell him tt im in e vicinity n am gg to drop by for a visit.
e times when i went to his place during cny n he wld cook so much yummies for me.
esp suan pan zi.

e last time i saw him was at e hospital.
he lost so much weight tt i cldnt recognise him in e ward.

it pains me so to see him in such agony.

today i received a call.
n i know im gg to miss him forever.

he won my love for him.
but lost e battle to sickness.

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Little Memories Of The Past


i think this is impt for my dear fren.

Don't Pursue Relationships For Which You Have Not Qualified.

"Zeal without knowledge is not good; a person who moves too quickly may go the wrong way."
Proverbs 19:2 (NLT)

"There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under Heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

Like nothing else on earth, relationships determine the outcome of your life.

All other factors of your being-the extent of your intelligence, the graciousness of your appearance, the scope of your background-can modify that outcome, but none are as significant as the richness of your relationships.

For this reason, each of us must strive to build the relationships that will launch us into the future we desire.

There are people in our life who distract us from our focus and drain us of our energy, but there are also those who invigorate us as readily as a crisp, autumn day.

Nevertheless, there is still a time for everything, and stepping into relationships before you are ready to make the required investment can be hazardous.

It is like attempting to swim before you take lessons.

Once you discover the people with whom you can build a life, consider what it takes to make the most of those relationships:

How will you add value to their life?

What can you do for them that no one else can or will?

And finally, is now the time to build these relationships?

If it is time, then pull out all the stops and go after it.

If it isn't yet time, learn to wait and prepare, because your time is coming soon.

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Little Memories Of The Past

Sunday, April 19, 2009 Y


its a VERY HOT day today.
tts still an understatement.. somehow.

i kept whining to annie today tt its so hot. she can even guess what im gg to say, its v hot rite?
i cant stand it. i pray tt frm monday onwards, no more such heatwaves! i wanna canvass n work!

dearie announced to me tt e average temperature today was 34degrees celsius.
madness. im thankful for e wonderful creation of fans n airconditioners.
n fren who'l try to cool u down durin such hot days. *winks*

due to e lack of rest n hot day, i felt tt i was not functionin at my best.
but nonetheless, im really happy.

i slpt abt 3am n woke up every hr.
tt was not rest.

ok, enough of whining.

thru e day, ive been thinkin abt my fren.
im glad she received Jesus.
n im happy tt she's so open.
ive been thinkin n prayg tt God wil help her in her current situation.
n i know He will.
as much as she's so heartbroken aft all tt had happened, i pray she'l have e courage to go on another step.

jia you, my dear.
u r doing v well! keep gg.
i cant do much but be ur cheerleader n pray for u n encourage u.
dont give up on e things u have set in ur mind.
u can n u will achieve them.
u wil come out strong.
i believe in u, God believes in u.
believe in urself!


aft today's svc, somehow. it got me more ready for my next phase of life.
*heart adjustment*


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Little Memories Of The Past

Friday, April 17, 2009 Y

i need a friend in this jungle full of e different species.

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Little Memories Of The Past

Friday, April 10, 2009 Y

im feeling uncomfortable.
but im glad i am.
im glad tt im not too comfortable with where i am n doing everythin mundanely without challenges.

im looking for e way out. actively and passively.
im tired.
i needa rest but i needa go on.
but i wil not give up.

i need the energy to go on. n i will cling on to what is stil within.
more than this, i need break out of where i am.

give me strength! =)

its good friday today!
this 'dying spirit' in me will b resurrected in 3 days! amen.
haha. tryin to be cheesy.

alright. gtg.
i will b back with some resurrection report . =)

{{ 11:09 AM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Thursday, April 02, 2009 Y

i like ~`

Deuteronomy 23:14 says we have to make a decision to keep our camp—the house of God—spiritually clean.

God only walks on holy ground.

Our words, actions and thoughts have to be sanctified because we can build an environment where God enjoys coming into.

And when God walks among us, there will always be blessing, provision and protection.
Make a decision today not to entertain any more unclean ideas, conversations or deeds that would grieve the Holy Spirit. God says, “Be holy, for I am holy” (1 Pet. 1:16).

`quoted frm Pastor Kong`


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Little Memories Of The Past

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Y


i feel so good.

i just did my mask.. yay. anti blackheads! ha.
tonight is e first night of this week tt im stil awake aft 1am.. ha.
but i just felt tt i deserve a good facial mask n good body scrub.

so well. i did it.
n i feel GREAT!

aft one week of canvassin n dr2dr.. i realised im more focused n purposeful n happy!
i figured e Word indeed is in season...

not just change but wanna change.

tts when mouldability is higher. haa.

anyway, i go watch my hk drama liao!

thank God its friday!!

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Little Memories Of The Past


the 4 wanna-be's

1) the never be's
these are the people who wanna be but they are placed in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.. thus causing great exasperation n distress. they wanna be but wil never be..

solution: a redirection

2) the could be's
they are the people who could have done it cause they have what it takes.. they have e charisma, the talent, the skills n the vision but they lack discipline to accomplish it.

solution: discipline + consistency

3) the should be's
these are the ones with the raw ingredient to make the best soup but they r stil raw, they lack the grooming, training n experiences to bring them to the place of success!

solution: time, exposure, guidance.

4) the must be's
they are the ones ready to take on the challenges to go on the next level. they r just waitin for opportunities n they r set for their big break.

solution: patience, continual upgrade

so u are? =)

{{ 12:03 AM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Friday, February 13, 2009 Y

it was a bad day.
but im stil thankful to God.

it made me realise alot of things.
it made me grow up more.
it taught me a lesson.

- - - - - -

i have got nothing to lose.
what am i waitin for?

{{ 1:17 AM -
Little Memories Of The Past


Your Future Is Only As Bright As The Principles You Embrace.

"Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God."

Deuteronomy 28:1-2 (NKJV)


They all qualified - but only a handful served.

All males were deemed competent to serve as judges in civil matters, but only priests, Levites, and Israelites of principle - those with spotless character and ancestry - were eligible to judge a criminal case.

Christianity eagerly embraces the person of Christ, but ruefully neglects His principles.

The person of Jesus creates your peace; His principles create your productivity.
Both are as necessary as soil and seed!

People greatly aspire to prosper, but why are so few willing to accurately apply God's principles to their lives?

Our willingness to do what God says is the key to experiencing what God promises.

God never promised you something without first giving you an instruction.

Always rewarding the obedient, He never hands out random promises and rewards like candy at a parade.

God is selective in whom He blesses.

And you and I determine whether or not God blesses us.

The qualifications of Israel's judges were simple yet distinctive - thorough knowledge of the Law and an ethical lifestyle.

Therefore, this principle stands historically correct: Your future is only as bright as the principles you embrace.

Apply His principles today and watch God move on your behalf.

-- Robb Thompson --

thank God n thank Robb Thompson. =)

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Little Memories Of The Past

Sunday, February 08, 2009 Y

2009 wil live up to its name -- the BULL year -- in due season

it seems gloomier in e marketplace this yr.

2 of my friends got retrenched...
one of their nicks wrote," Getting retrenched at 23..!!!"
i nv felt retrenchment so real.

and the daily papers tell u bad news.

here's a ROUGH breakdown:
50% financial crunch
20% disasters like e china drought in shandong n hebei area & the super cold weather in london.. first in 18yrs.
10% accidents causing death.. like the 59yr old uncle who got hit by e mrt @ bukit batok.
10% advertisements w attractive prices n free gifts tempting u to BUY.
5% e usual car sales adverts w e job openings in e recruit sections
3% interesting news like the dispute over some tycoon's fortune
2% obituaries =X

o well..
if we cant do anythin abt our surrounding den lets do stg abt ourselves then.

adjusting ourselves to be happy despite many are frowning.
at PRU's flying start last week, i see many people receiving awards cos they achieved v v beautiful results in their sales in 2008.
these ppl r e 'salmons' in life.

seems far now but i really wanna be like e salmons too.

salmons swim upstream to hatch their eggs.
upstream leh. can u imagine how difficult is it to do so?
though i dont know how to swim, but i know its really gonna take alot.
no wonder salmon so yummy... erm. ha.
oops. pls pardon me.

but anyway, lets be SALMONS!

e MPs are talkin alot abt workin hard. n we will breakthru.
yes i agree, Singaporeans' been a grp of ppl w strong fighting spirit.. looking at how far we've come.
mayb there's some KIASU n KIASEE drives within.
might not b a bad thing.

but let us choose to work hard. happily.

happiness is indeed a choice. =)

{{ 10:36 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Monday, January 26, 2009 Y

happy new yr!

went to my uncle's place @ orchard for reunion dinner.
there's alot of yummies on e table last night!
chicken, abalone, scallops, veggies, sea cucumber, mutton soup n many more yummss...

my uncle replaced e old tv w a bigger one. i think its width is like 4times my size... its super big. haa.

aft e dinner, i went to orchard n met up w kelly.
thank u for comin from e north to town to meet me. =)

this yr's CNY is rather 'calm'. not so happenin, not so re nao.
but well.. i wil enjoy e holidays n e yummie food.

im gg to sentosa for the CNY flowers l8r w dearie!
it'd be great!

am waitin for him to come for lunch den we will head south!
flowersss!!! here i come! haa.

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Little Memories Of The Past

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